THUMBS Down to lost service at grocery stores. “Good for stores with no more plastic. But cashiers will not bag your groceries in your own bags. So why do they have cashiers now that the plastic bags are gone? I always use self-checkout but thought I would treat myself on Friday, thinking she would bag my stuff. (My arthritic hands were really sore.) But no, I did it myself. What a total demise of customer service. So bad for seniors.”

THUMBS Up to all of the people who still wear a mask in public settings. “By continuing to do so, we are all helping stop the spread of the virus. We all have a choice to wear it or not. So be respectful of those who continue making and are trying to stop this virus.”

THUMBS Down to whoever left white garbage bags at the corner of Central Avenue and Fort William Road at the bus stop in December. “They’re still there, all ripped apart. Thumbs Down for the City of Thunder Bay for not picking it up after four months. Gross.”

THUMBS Up to “my son’s Gron Morgan classmate who gives out lovely little Ramadan gifts every year. Along with some treats, they give a wonderful, kid-friendly explanation all about Ramadan. We love learning about your holiday and appreciate that our son gets to experience such a diverse and inclusive educational environment. A blessed Ramadan to all who celebrate.”

THUMBS Up to the garbage collectors on Grey Crescent during Wednesday’s snowstorm. “We have a huge lake at the end of our driveway. The collector waded through this to bring our emptied garbage cans into our driveway. Thank you so much for the wonderful service.”

(Originally published April 9, 2022)


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