THUMBS Up to the Waverley Library for the wonderful programs for children held this March Break. “The activities were unique, well organized and presented with no cost to attend. Well done.”

THUMBS Down to the in-a-rush driver of a new silver four-door F150 “who felt that 40 kilometres an hour was too slow in front of the French high school on Thursday around 10 p.m. You are a full grown man who should know better. Thankfully there was nobody crossing in front of me (which you wouldn’t have been able to see anyways) — I hope this is not habitual behaviour.”

THUMBS Up to good customer service. “A few years ago, I had a local, well-established firm install a metal exterior entrance door. All was well until we experienced our lengthy deep freeze. I phoned the company and told them the door was fine — only problem was I couldn’t lock it. The company’s rep explained that the striker plate had adjustment for such a problem on the dead bolt, and that he’d have a serviceman call in the next few days. He called that same afternoon. It was an easy fix, but the service was impressive.”

THUMBS Down to Synergy North (formerly Thunder Bay Hydro) for cancelling the Quarter Century Banquet. “It was for all employees with 25 years of service and retirees. It was an enjoyable evening of catching up with everyone that you worked with, became friends with over the years. It may be the last time you see these friends as some are now quite elderly. A decades old function that now no longer exist. How unfortunate.”

A BIG Thumbs Up to “Mitch at TBayTel for the fast service to get our phone back on line for us on that rainy Thursday (March 14).”

THUMBS Down to those who have wedding receptions with no children allowed. “I’m sure many people have great memories as children having fun at receptions. I guess it all about the money now.”

THUMBS Up to kindness amid tragedy. “On March 16, my family and I were eating lunch at a restaurant on Bay Street. Mid-meal, we received a devastating call that a family member had died. Thumbs Up to the kind lady (who had many children with her) who offered to take care of the bill in our haste to leave. Even though we declined, it was so kind to offer. Thank you again.”

THUMBS Down to the faulty park and pay machines at the Thunder Bay Airport. “I scanned my ticket and attempted to pay my $1.25 parking fee with a toonie. Nothing happened. When I called for assistance the security guard tried pressing a few buttons but wasn’t able to fix it. . . . .He then put my ticket into a second machine and now my payment would be an additional $2.25. On the other hand, a Thumbs Up to airport administration who, upon receiving my call regarding this situation, took the time to figure out my phone number and call me with sincere apologies, saying this should not have happened. It meant a lot to be heard.”

(From March 23, 2019)


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