THUMBS Down to a lack of foresight by the City for not removing benches from Algoma Street prior to winter. “Now we will have to pay for new ones because the existing ones have been damaged by snow plows.”

THUMBS Down to St. Patrick High School’s senior basketball team, coaches and a parent. “A player was kicked out of game for cursing and flipping the referee. A parent yelled at the ref and stormed out of gym yelling all the way, and a coach was reprimanded. What an example for your players.”

THUMBS Down to drivers who think they can get their car out of an unplowed back lane. “This is the second time in two heavy snowfalls that someone has become stuck in the lane. If heavy snowfall is expected, then park on road with calendar parking. You required the help of many who took hours to try to get you out, getting stuck themselves, making deep ruts in the snow and shovelling around vehicles to get everyone out. . . . Hire someone to plow your lane next time.”

THUMPS Up and congratulations to our Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra for the Juno nomination for their CD, Into the Wonder. “It is a wonderful CD. Thunder Bay you really need to support this fantastic group of musicians.”

DON’T look back. “Thumbs Down to all the drivers I’ve seen this week that haven’t bothered to clean off their back windows. I guess you bought vehicles that didn’t come with a rear view mirror, so you don’t need to see what’s behind you.

THUMBS Up to the airline crew members who have faithfully been visiting their passenger who is now patient at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. “Your care and compassion is recognized. You’ve truly made an astounding impact on the patient’s road to recovery while the family cannot be there.”

THUMBS Down to the “very disrespectful woman who consistently allows her dog to run loose on Hardisty Street. We are an animal rescue who regularly feeds feral cats. You allow your dog to eat the food we leave for them and have been seen throwing ice balls at the cats’ hiding place. We purchase what we leave while some food is donated by generous, animal-loving Thunder Bay residents. Your behaviour is appalling. What makes you think you are above following city animal by-laws requiring dogs to be walked on a leash.”

PET owners are grateful for good care given to furry friends. Thumbs Up to Dr. Lacroix from Highview Animal Clinic “who helped us recently with our dog. She was very compassionate and prompt in her response. Thank you for your care and concern.” Another Thumbs Up to the staff and Dr. Thompson at Northwestern Veterinary Hospital, “for making the putting down of a pet peaceful and dignified. They made a difficult time as easy as possible. Thank you from a grieving pet owner.”

(From Feb. 9, 2019)


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