THUMBS Down to overflowing trash cans. “I tossed a large paper bag into the garbage can at the bus stop outside Westmount Public School on Jan 28. The can was already full at the time. Two weeks later it has still not been taken yet and I can even see my paper bag inside. Surely the city can do better than that?”

THUMBS Down to slow response by Thunder Bay police. “It took them over 20 minutes to get an officer on the scene for an attempted residential break and enter in town. I was at home at the time. I notified the 911 dispatcher that the perpetrators were threatening me with violence if they got in. . . . They were long gone by the time police arrived.”

A BIG Thumbs Up “to my neighbours Ray, Ken, Ron and Dave on Dennis Street for plowing and shovelling our driveway whenever it snows. My husband and I are not doing well this year and it is hard for us to to do it ourselves. We are so grateful to look out our windows to see a plowed driveway whenever it snows. Thank you.”

THUMBS Up to the 2019 Bearskin Airlines Hope Classic for continuing the legacy of Linda Buchan and for recognizing Erin Manahan with the Spirit of Linda Lou Award.

THUMBS Down to the group of dog owners who regularly ignore the law and treat Hillcrest Park as their personal off-leash park. “Your dogs are not within your control when they are allowed to run freely all over the park. This is especially egregious when there is an off-leash park only blocks away.”

THUMBS Up to friends and neighbours on Stardust Crescent and Melon Street. “These people are helping each other during the cold and snowy winter weather. Community only works if we look after one another. . . . We all need help sometime. How fortunate we are to have found this neighbourhood.”

THUMBS Down to people that block laneways with mountains of snow and who shovel their snow onto freshly plowed streets. “There is a bylaw against this, so you'd better clean up what you've dumped or you could be getting a visit, letter, and maybe a fine from the city. You must remove it.”

(From Feb. 16, 2019)


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