THUMBS Up to the lady and her husband who towed an SUV out of the mud out by Dog Lake Road on May 4. “They turned my bad day into a good one by showing me so much kindness exists in the world and saved me a hefty towing bill. Thank you guys.”

THUMBS Down to the person that complained “about me letting my dogs off the leash and not picking up their mess. You’re right. On occasion I do miss the odd cleanup. Sorry. I have three small dogs and only unleash when there are no people or other pets. By the way we have picked up four shopping bags of trash along Leland and the park. I also walk them between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m. when my girlfriend gets off work. With my flashlight and dogs, we discouraged two break-and-enters in two different yards.Sorry for my ignorance, we will turn our eyes in the future. Sleep well, you spoiled a great volunteer in the neighborhood we so much care about.”

THUMBS Up to the principal, teachers and students at George O’Neill School in Nipigon for hosting All The Daze’s production of Seussical the Musical on Wednesday for two shows. “Your hospitality was amazing. We hope you will invite us back again one day soon.”

THUMBS Down to the medical lab employee who intentionally parked her car in such a way that it blocked in an elderly patient. “You drove in and blocked the vehicle while two people were sitting in it, then proceeded to have a very loud argument with the driver before abruptly walking away. This is not the way a health professional should treat patients. All other staff must pay to park in the large lot, why are you different?”

(From May 11, 2019)


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