A HUGE Thumbs Up to the excellent performance of Mamma Mia at the Paramount Theatre. “The entire cast was extremely talented and the show was very entertaining. Job well done.”

THUMBS Up to a lady driving a gold-coloured SUV leaving The Whole Nine Yards on Feb. 8. “You stopped to help me with an elderly lady who had fallen and didn’t know where she was going. Thank you so much for keeping her warm and driving her to where she had to go. Thank you for showing me there are good people in the world still.”

THUMBS Up to the kind person who plowed out a driveway on Catherine Street on the morning of Feb. 8 after the dump of snow. “We don’t know who you are, but your kindness is very much appreciated. There are some awesome people out there.”

THUMBS Down to the “many, many, many sunken manholes” on Thunder Bay roads, such as on Oliver Road going west and on May Street heading south. “Some have been there for years. Some have appeared after the roads were just freshley paved. Also, the street marking lines and crosswalks, that were painted in September of last year are gone from the lanes and crosswalks already.”

THUMBS UP to the crews working on the Trans Canada Highway in Thunder Bay and east of the city this year. “You are doing an incredible job with all the snow and heavy blowing winds in keeping the highway so clear. Big thanks from all of us out Bay’s End/Pass Lake way. We really appreciate your continuous efforts. Keep up the great work and thank you very much. Also of note: Shuniah Township, as usual, you continue to do a great job in keeping our roads cleaned and sanded. Big thanks to you, too.”

THUMBS Down to all those that plow their snow across the street and “make neighbours on the other side deal with their snow and shovel it from their driveways. This seems especially prevalent on Dawson Street.”

THUMBS Up to the gentleman in line behind this shopper at Walmart. “You offered to carry my new vacuum cleaner to my vehicle. You then wished me a wonderful day. Thank you. You made my day.”

(From Feb. 23, 2019)


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