BIG Thumbs Down to the City of Thunder Bay roads department for their pothole patching procedure. “They drive around and throw some cold patch in the pothole and spill the rest all over the road leaving our vehicles to pack the pothole down for them — and to pick up the excess cold patch . . . with our car tires and sling it onto our own cars. Thanks. My white car is completely full of cold patch, tar, and stones. Do the job right and pack it down.”

THUMBS Up “to the woman in the beige van who hurried to assist a senior woman who was having difficulty managing her cane and grocery bag outside Westfort Foods on Wednesday morning. She delivered the senior safely to her vehicle, and continued on her way. Observing random, every day acts of kindness such as this make me proud to live in Thunder Bay.”

THUMBS Down to a local gym that doesn’t keep things tidy. “I am a member and every time I go to work out, the establishment needs cleaning. Staff are doing nothing. Why not have them clean the floors and dust? The washroom and change rooms are another concern. . . . The shoe rack is another disaster. Yup, just what we all want to smell — stinky feet during our work out.”

A GREAT big Thumbs Up to the Blue Door Bistro for sponsoring the Avalanche Northwood Hockey team, and a great big thank you for opening up your restaurant when it is typically closed to host a pizza party for the Blue Door Bistro Avalanche team players. These fine folks went out of their way to make delicious pizza after pizza for the players and included their parents . . . all graciously offered for free. The pizza was fantastic and the owners are a real gem.

THUMBS Down to the business and the lady behind the counter at a store that said no when a child asked for use of the washroom. “Very unprofessional conduct from a local business. Not cool.”

THUMBS DOWN for the water and ice conditions at the train underpass on Strathcona Avenue leading to Lakeshore Drive. “Conditions continue to be dangerous. . . . Rather than properly addressing the drainage and conditions, they take minimal steps to deal with this. . . . Invest in properly fixing this very dangerous situation.”

THUMBS Down to “the irresponsible parents that put their children at risk by letting them out of their cars in front of Edgewater School in the westbound lane that is clearly marked no stopping. This is a single lane with no room to pass. You will be rear-ended one day while your child may not be all the way out of the car.”

(Originally published April 6, 2019)


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