YOU SHOULD be dancing (not singing). Thumbs Down to the guy in Row G at the Bee Gees Tribute concert at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium who thought he could sing better than the performers. “Please be more considerate. We all want to enjoy the show.”

THUMBS Up to Dr. Pynn, an oral surgeon, “for being the only doctor I know who still makes house calls when required. Personalized care and phone calls to check on elderly patients. Two Thumbs Up.”

THUMBS Downs to “the sanitation engineer collecting garbage on Parkway Drive on Wednesday afternoon. As he emptied a garbage can into the truck, a large piece of plastic wrapping fell out to the ground at his feet and he couldn’t be bothered picking it. Is this the kind of anti-littering example the municipal sanitation workers set for the rest of us?”

THUMBS Up to the women who were out several days last week cleaning the garbage from the ditches on Dog Lake Road. “Your community spirit is very much appreciated. What a shame there remains a need for this clean up.”

THUMBS Down to the city workers who left a mess of Junot Avenue and the corner of Walkover Street. “You have to drive on the sidewalk too get past this mess. I thought this road was scheduled to be re-done five years ago. Mr. Mauro, take a drive down this street.”

THUMBS Up to the Thunder Bay Police Service “who took so much time (and still are) to help catch the punks behind the Hammarskjold threats. Students, parents and staff are totally behind you and appreciate it greatly.”

(From April 27, 2019)


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