PROFESSIONAL response impressive. “Last month, I found myself in the midst of a police chase at 8:30 a.m., when children were walking to school and roads were full of people driving to work. My car was hit by the woman allegedly impaired on drugs, who fled the scene only to hit another vehicle within seconds. This was an extremely dangerous situation which had the potential to end tragically. The police, firefighters, and EMS responded with unbelievable speed, precision and compassion to bring this horrible situation to a safe conclusion. These first responders were all amazing. Thanks . . . you are awesome.”

THUMBS Down to poor communication. “At noon hour July 8 on West Arthur Street a deer bounded across the road. A few seconds later her young fawn sprinted after her only to be flipped head over heels into the ditch. A few seconds of slowing down by the male driver of the small dark car would have made all the difference. We were appalled. We tried notifying the houses in the vicinity to no avail. We had no phone on us. At home we wasted precious minutes trying to locate the MNR number in the phone book with no luck. Information gave us a number not in service. The police number was busy. Finally an old phone book was located and we phoned the number listed and left a message as we were concerned about the mother deer still circling the area in her grief. Can the city not publish pertinent phone numbers in easy-to-read format in phone books and newspapers? Who knows, that fawn could have been saved.”

THUMBS Up to the Thunder Bay Museum and Science North. “The virtual exhibit on the museum’s second floor is amazing. I brought my grandchildren, ages 6 and 4, and they didn't want to leave. Such enjoyment. It runs until July 20 and Tuesdays are free. Thank you.”

BAD boater manners at the Mountdale boat launch. “Last Friday morning (July 5), I was sitting on the dock fishing when a boater launched. You ran over my line and cut it off even though, five minutes before, your wife told you to watch for my line in the water. You looked at it, acknowledged her and then carelessly drove across it and took half my line with you. All of the other boaters that launched that morning had enough consideration to pull out towards the middle before they left. I hope my line got wrapped around enough to ruin your prop seal.”

THUMBS Up to the employees of First Student Canada for their generous donations of clothing (especially bras, socks and underwear) and toiletries for the Faye Peterson Transition House. “It just goes to show that school bus drivers are angels on wheels.”

THUMBS Down to the operators of the inflatables at the Teddy Bears Picnic on Tuesday. “During the 45 minutes I sat at a nearby picnic table, I counted 60 children that were turned away because they couldn’t pay the $10 fee. It was heartbreaking to see. Perhaps the city could include more affordable activities for families at their events.”


(Originally published July 13, 2019)

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