A HUGE Thumbs Up to the amazing cast of characters in the recent production of The Odyssey by the Eleanor Drury Children’s Theatre. “It was so professional, creative, witty and lively. The videos added a unique twist and were so well done. The singing voices were fantastic. Thank you for keeping me entertained and laughing for the entire show.”

THUMBS Down to the city for taking so long to empty the trash cans at Balsam Pit. “The hills are used extensively on a daily basis. Perhaps an extra trip there now and then to empty the garbage would be great. There is garbage everywhere around the bins. We have a beautiful city. Let’s keep it clean.”

THUMBS Down to the disrespectful and rude older man at the Thunderwolves hockey game on Jan. 31. “You were sitting near my family, including my two girls — ages four and eight — and decided you would verbally accost my oldest daughter telling her to ”go f*@! off.” You should know you’ve frightened that poor girl who had big tears in her eyes as she told me she is feeling very hurt and scared while I was tucking her in that night. I’m saddened I had to explain to my daughter about verbal abuse instead of having a fun and wholesome family evening.”

THUMBS Up to a grocery retailer for featuring local products in their flyers. “Buying locally produced items supports producers in our area, and means a reduced environmental impact when goods aren’t trucked long distances.”

THUMBS Down to all the people who think the drive-thru an East Avenue restaurant is an appropriate place to dispose of all their garbage before getting a new coffee. “The amount of coffee cups that are just tossed mindlessly into the snowbanks is appalling. Maybe more garbage cans could prevent some of this, or simple acts of not littering and waiting until you do have access to a garbage can?”

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay walk-in clinics. “You advertise yourself being open until 8 p.m., yet at 6 p.m. you don’t accept anymore patients where clearly the number of patients in the waiting rooms at 6 p.m. is, at most, five. Very frustrating and unethical.”

THUMBS Up to the kind lady and her dog Dexter “who bought the toy balls for our other dog, Grace, at the Pet Smart on Sunday. Be assured this act of kindness will be paid forward to another pet owner who is grieving over the loss of a beloved pet. Thank you.”

A VERY grateful Thumbs Up to “the two nice gentleman who stopped to help us ladies out of a stuck situation. I had backed up onto the snowbank on Bolduc Bay Road and they kindly shovelled and pushed us out. Thank you again. We were lucky you guys came along.”

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