A HUGE Thumbs Up to the organizers of the Thunder Bay Historical Film Festival “for the excellent event at the Auditorium on March 21. They hope to make it an annual event. Definitely worth taking in. Well done.” On the same subject, another reader writes: “Bravo to Greg, Tim and all the organizers of the first Historical Film Festival. . . . You did a wonderful job. It was and enjoyable night with five historical films. The attendance surpassed all expectations and we look forward to the second annual festival next year.”

THUMBS Down to the airport for the red safety tape that warns newly departed flyers from walking through the thick glass partition. “It is a real eyesore. So much money was spent for these upgrades, spend a few more dollars to fix this.”

A HUGE Thumbs Up to “Guido and Sandy, Katie and family, as well as Ian and Greg who kept our driveway cleared of snow all winter for this pair of health challenged seniors, enabling us to get to doctor appointments and grocery shop. What would we do without such marvellous neighbours and family. We are very grateful.”

THUMBS Down to Confederation College “for drastically increasing the fees charged to community groups who hold monthly meetings in college classrooms in the evenings from $75 per year for 10 monthly meetings to $500 per year for 10 meetings (new cost will be $50 per meeting). This sharp increase will make meeting at the college too expensive for most of these small groups (including mine). Administrators are taking the ‘community’ out of ‘community college.’”

THUMBS Down to last week’s Thumbs Down on children not invited to a wedding. “It’s a privilege, not a right. My husband and I invited children that were close to us to our wedding. Hubby’s aunt decide that her granddaughter should come and I had a family member decide she couldn’t look after her three children and brought a babysitter along to the event. Really? It’s not your day — it’s the bride and groom’s. Let them decide who to invite. If you’re upset your children aren’t included you can decline the invite. You don’t have to go.”

THUMBS Down to Lakehead University for not having the basics available. “Last week I searched every main building for menstrual products. The only two dispensers I found were empty and don’t return coins. The Gender Equity Centre was also closed and had none available. . . . What are students supposed to do if they need products? It is shameful that our campus does not consider this solvable need. I hope the recent petition for free menstrual products at LU passes because students deserve to have dignity and accessible solutions.”

(From March 30, 2019)


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