THUMBS Up to all of those who worked so hard in such a small amount of time to make an appropriate landing area for the cruise ships to dock. “We should be so proud of our location at the centre of Canada on such a beautiful waterfront. It is unfortunate that the ‘Thunder Bay’ sign wasn’t approved to also be in the forefront.”

THUMBS Down to the newly installed advanced left-turning green light at Arthur and Vickers streets. “Why? It is rarely used and now the light is that much longer. Totally illogical and unnecessary.”

THUMBS Up to Thunder Bay’s new grocery store, which invested in shopping carts that lock if pushed out of parking lot, hopefully “preventing the eyesore of abandoned carts in the creek and neighbourhoods. We all pay indirectly for the cost of retrieving the carts that are salvageable, and replacing trashed ones. How about selling the collapsible grocery buggies in the supermarket, at cost, for those on foot to push their groceries home?”

THUMBS Up and kudos to Paramount Live for their lively production of Disney’s Newsies, Jr. “The talented young cast energetically sang and danced their hearts out. A great evening out.”

THUMBS Down to flag-draped ‘freedom’ trucks. “You have spoiled the symbol of true patriotism for me. Since the invasion of Ottawa, our national emblem has been ill-used. Your ‘freedom’ has never been at risk. Get off your silly, self-serving bandwagon and get behind a real cause.”

THUMBS Up to Dave at a local body shop, “who instantly recalled my full name and the make and colour of the vehicle he repaired for me — after 30 years! (OK, he got the model wrong.) What a memory!”

(Originally published June 4, 2022)


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