THUMBS Up. “We recently attended a birthday party at the Boys and Girls Club on Windsor Street. What a wonderful time we had. We were greeted by a young man named Adam. He was wonderful with the children. We strongly recommend this Club for special events. It is truly amazing.”

THUMBS Down to the middle-aged woman wearing a brown sweater who was looking for a grave in Mountainview Cemetery on May 14. “This woman stomped across our family graves, in front of my sister and I as were selecting a site for our loved one’s burial. This woman then returned and walked over our family graves again. She was with another couple who respectfully kept their distance. There was no one else in the cemetery. The woman appeared to have found the grave she was looking for at the other side of the cemetery. Please remember etiquette while visiting cemeteries. Respect the graves and walk only on the footpaths between the headstones and plaques. We were astounded by your oblivious rudeness and lack of respect for other mourners.”

THUMBS Up to Magnus Theatre. “The play Smarty Pants is the funniest play I have ever seen. Also, kudos to Magnus for being respectful of the COVID protocols and not placing profit over the comfort levels of patrons.”

THUMBS Down to all local businesses and restaurants that don’t post their proper open and close times, including the days they are closed. “Update your websites to reflect if your closed for holidays. Posting ‘hours may vary’ is a cop-out. If your closed, post it.”

THUMBS Up and a huge thank you to all those involved in gathering, making and presenting News From The Giant. The historic footage is shared from the Reel Memories of the Lakehead project’s collection at the Thunder Bay Museum. “It certainly was a lot of work but greatly appreciated. It was very interesting to watch from long-time local residents point of view. It also gave newcomers to the area a chance to see local history.”

THUMBS Up “to our dog, Donnelly, who has found $1.20 worth of beer cans and bottles in the ditch on our small stretch of Community Hall Road since the snow melted. Thumbs Down to those who drink and drive and throw their empties out the window.”

(Originally published May 28, 2022)


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