THUMBS Up to the Murillo Fall Fair, but where were the races? “Every year my family and I attend the fair. What a disappointment when I found out there were no horse/chariot races. The announcer always make them enjoyable to watch. I did enjoy the rodeo but the sound was so muffled that I could not hear anything the announcer was saying. Please bring back the horse races.”

THUMBS Down to the poor planning of closing a major bridge on the college campus, disrupting the bike path. “Couldn’t this have been done May through August when there is less traffic and few students, instead of September to December. Who makes these decisions?”

THUMBS Up to the Transformation Church for putting on a barbecue for the kids in the Ogden area. “Nice to see something done for them. It’s a tough area for the kids to grow up in with all the drugs and crime.”

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay veterinary clinics who “charge pet owners (lovers) exorbitant prices without batting an eye. They prey on us at the worst of times. No mention ever of financing, etc. Compassion is not in their vocabulary, but ‘let’s re-book for two weeks’ sure is!”

THUMBS Up to George Jeffrey Children’s Centre “for the awesome Family Fun Fair! Such a great time for all the children and families.”

THUMBS Down to those responsible for Central ball diamond. “Why do you continue to allow dog owners to use the ball park as a dog park? On Aug. 23 there was a dog fight. Too bad the dumb owners didn’t get bit breaking it up. Someone else is going to get bit bad. The city should put up a sign: No Dogs. Go to the dog park; leave the damn dog home.”

THUMBS Up to the woman in the white Mitsubishi at the Mac’s on Franklin Street the morning of Aug. 28. “I was fumbling on my phone to move funds to pay for gas and while I was doing that you covered (the cost) for me. I didn’t even realize what had happened until you were out the door. Thanks so much. I will pay it forward. Proof of Thunder Bay’s giant heart.”


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