THUMBS Down to the neighbour who backs onto the McIntyre River. “Stop throwing your garbage onto the green space. The dogs and tiny people are not on the invite list to the buffet you put out for mice, rats, crows and larger critters. Join the game we all play — garbage in bag, bag in can, can to curb very early Wednesday morning.”

THUMBS Up to the creators of the recent Entrepreneurs magazine on Thunder Bay business owners inserted in Tuesday’s Chronicle-Journal. It was a very interesting read. I was so impressed by their dedication and hard work to put themselves out there for their customers. Thumbs Up to all these creative business people. Thumbs Up to The Chronicle-Journal and all their staff for providing us with a well put-together and informative newspaper which I really enjoy reading.”

THUMBS Down to Silver City for selling booze. Aren’t there enough drunks overtaxing the police and this city’s resources already? It’s just for the money, no other reason. Hey mayor, how does a theatre full of children even get a liquor licence? You’re in Thunder Bay, city of drunks, that’s how. So do the police have to check drivers leaving Silver City from now on? More booze at Ribfest? If so were not going there. Sad.”

THUMBS Down to the Murillo Fair. “We took our granddaughter there Saturday so she could enjoy one of her favourite things — riding a horse. The newspaper said the gates open at 10 a.m. We arrived about 10:45 and paid $16 to get in. No ponies. We spoke with a worker and she said they will start after the judging is done, probably about noon. Their brochure says pony rides start at 11. We left for a while and came back about 12:30 — still no pony rides. Went home with a disappointed youngster and out $16. Not at all impressed.

THUMBS Up, first to the Border Cats staff and management for another good year, from Brian Graham’s announcing to the well-run concessions, and to Sydnie Crocker playing Thunder Bay men’s senior baseball. She made two superb catches in right field this week; we were all clapping.”

THUMBS Down to Intercity Shopping Centre management for Coles bookstore’s departure. “That bookstore has been there for almost 30 years and was one of the few reasons I still visited the mall. Walking through Intercity on Coles’ last day I saw so many empty spots. Couldn’t you have given the clothing store you’re replacing Coles with one of those instead?”


(Originally published Aug. 24, 2019)

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