THUMBS Up to the organizers and volunteers at the city’s Family Day celebrations at Marina Park Monday. “Activities were creative and fun. Thanks to the ice slide volunteer with the continuous smile. The bannock volunteer was very enthusiastic. Thumbs Down to the price of the hot chocolate — $5 and I had two children with me — even if it was a fundraiser.”

THUMBS Up to all the participants in the Family Day Fun Curling event at the Kakabeka Falls Curling Club. “There were well over 40 youth and adult participants who took part in learning the skills and fun of curling. Thumbs Up also to all who lent a helping hand as instructors of the many new curlers. Rock on!”

THUMBS Down to restaurants that do not update their business hours on their websites. “On Sunday, we consulted the site of a popular restaurant, noted that it was open at 5 p.m. for dinner, but found it locked when we arrived. No birthday dinner for me! This lack of oversight shows little regard for customers.”

THUMBS Down to people who mistake the MNR Tree Farm on 25th Side Road for a dog park and let their dogs run wild. “Signage clearly states that dogs must be leashed. You’re abusing the privilege of recreational walking at the Tree Farm, and making it unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous, for others.”

THUMBS Down to the owner of a young German shepherd who had his poor dog running behind his car at the industrial park at the end of Central Avenue instead of walking it. This owner was not only too lazy to walk his dog properly, he also didn’t clean up after it. What a horrible pet owner.”

THUMBS Up to “my wonderful neighbours Ray, Ken, Ron and Dave on Dennis Street, for their generosity in shovelling and plowing our driveway whenever it snows. We can always count on you and it makes the winters so much easier for us. Thank you.”

THUMBS Down to City of Thunder Bay Parking Authority for not doing their job. “I called last Wednesday to complain about constant illegal parking on my street. Cars are parked on both sides despite calendar parking restrictions being in effect. There is barely any room to go through, creating very unsafe driving conditions. Recently this caused an accident. I was told by the parking authority personnel that as long as they don’t block my driveway they won’t come. What’s the point of having road regulations and parking restrictions if the city won’t do anything about enforcement?”

‘A VERY warm Thumbs Up to all those owners, planners, surveyors ,engineers, and trades experts who brought the gas pipeline through Thunder Bay. A retired couple on a fixed income thank you for a reasonably priced and reasonably clean energy source. So nice to turn up the thermostat and ‘feel the warmth,’ especially during these extreme cold spells!”

THUMBS Down to motorists that run red lights. You are endangering the lives of many every time, and driving up insurance rates for those who drive properly. Thumbs Up to city council for voting to install traffic light cameras. It’s about time.”

THUMBS Up to the wonderful nursing staff on 3A at the regional hospital “for taking such great care of my daughter during her recent stay to have some gallstones removed.”

‘GIGANTIC Thumbs Down to creatures within our society who drive to a rural location and dump off unwanted pets in the dead of winter with lows of -35 C.”

THUMBS Up to Lincoln Galbraith and all he does for minor hockey. His weekly column highlights the success of countless young players, giving many their first ‘ink’ in the local paper. (Many will, no doubt, get bigger headlines when they reach the NHL.) Beyond this effort to promote minor hockey, Lincoln has also supported the game for years as a volunteer and coach. He’s one of the many minor hockey heroes that you don’t see on the ice.

THUMBS Down to city garbage collection. “My garbage was collected Friday morning and to my disbelief, they purposely left behind a bag of our garbage that fell onto the road when they emptied our cans — and then proceeded to aggressively throw our cans in the snowbank! Unacceptable, we pay plenty of taxes for this service.”

THUMBS Up to the nursing staff at the day surgery in TBRHSC. “They were kind, professional and very understanding.”


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