THUMBS Down to the City of Thunder Bay for the lack of cleaning sidewalks. “On Friday and Saturday nights they know 2,000 people go to Lakehead University hockey games. Send out a sidewalk plow around 4 p.m. We’re paying for services. Provide us with the services we’re taxed for. Clean a few streets around the Gardens for 2,000 people — a few, not the whole city. Get with the program. There’s no trouble wasting money on useless surveys.”

A HUGE Thumbs Up, and a toe, to the sidewalk plow guys who work on London Drive. “You guys are the best. I’m sure you get your fair share of complainers and I just want you to know you are appreciated. As for the street plow guys, it may have taken a day or two, but you get it done. Keep up the great work.”

THUMBS Down to a grocery store cashier who discouraged customers from using the available brown paper bags and pushed the use of plastic bags at check-out. “A cashier explained to me that customers can fill the paper bags too much and they may break. . . . Double bag, just as you would plastic. Have cashiers advise customers not to overfill? Or get more durable paper bags. LCBO doesn’t seem to have a problem.”

THUMBS Up to Thunder Bay Police on Jan. 22 at South Edward by St. Martin School. “You pulled over a young woman who was probably speeding in the school zone in a big SUV. Awesome job. Big Thumbs Up to the diligence of the police. The woman had a scowl on her face as we drove by. Shame on you. There are children in the area.”

GREAT care gets a Thumbs Up. A local resident who became ill when visiting Arizona was worried upon returning home, but a friend says “As it happens, the care in Thunder Bay Regional was excellent — first class in emergency; then five days in 3B, again excellent care.”

THUMBS Up to Miriam on Marion Street in Current River “who whips around the neighborhood with her snow shovel after each storm, cheerfully helping everyone on the block to get their driveways shovelled out. We are so lucky to have this ray of sunshine in our ‘hood.’”

THUMBS Down to the failure to replace street lights that have been burnt out since at least two weeks before Christmas on Balmoral Street between Victoria Avenue and Williams Street. There are not lights on both sides of the road, therefore making it very dark and unsafe for vehicles and people walking down Balmoral Street.”

THUMBS Up to the grader operator “who keeps our cul-de-sac well plowed. Fairbank Place residents are truly fortunate to have such a skilled operator.”