THUMBS Down to the roads division with the City of Thunder Bay for not plowing side roads for three days. “You were well aware of the forecast ahead of time so you should have been prepared. People pay taxes for a reason. The roads are so bad in residential areas that garbage pickup has also been cancelled. Happy New Year citizens of Thunder Bay. Hopefully 2020 will bring the plows to let us get out of our homes.”

ANOTHER snow-clearing complaint highlights cul de sacs that are ignored until they are impassable. “Snowplows have cleared the main roads twice and we have more than a foot of snow that leaves emergency vehicles without access and us trapped indoors — unless you have a four-by-four. Maybe council should consider contracting out services they don’t have resources for. We don’t receive a discount for poor services. Please use our tax dollars wisely for services we need. There seems to be enough resources to clear snow on outdoor rinks in a hurry, how about streets first?”

THUMBS way Up to the north-side young man in the dark navy blue half-ton with the snow plow “who saw my struggles to clear my driveway snow. He came and plowed the city plow’s drift for me. Having recently had major surgery, this truly was a blessing. I will definitely pay forward your kindness. Many thanks to you, and may you have a wonderful 2020.”

THUMBS Up to the “gentleman who helped me get into my locked car at a Circle K location on Dec. 30, as well as the Circle K employee who assisted him. You both saved the day. Thank you so much.”

THUMBS Down to rules not followed, or enforced. “The transports that park in the County Fair plaza parking lot have to drive past a sign that says it’s against city bylaw to park and that it is patrolled 24 hours a day. On Thursday, I got up early to get some snacks for the kids to go sliding. Well, when leaving I was behind three trucks trying to make a left on East Avenue. Sometimes it’s hard for a car to make a left there. Something has to be done.”

THUMBS Down to the city’s transit department, after a recent attack by a passenger, “for not providing a safe working environment for our city bus drivers. Protective shields sounds like an idea worth trying.”


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