THUMBS Up to a Good Samaritan in a silver truck who lives on Hemlock Place. “The morning after the windstorm on Sunday, he plowed a massive snow drift off our street so a school bus full of children could get through. There was no way that bus was going anywhere unless that corner was plowed. A big thank-you to the same guy for also plowing a few of the seniors’ driveways while he was at it. Such a caring young man.”

A DISTRESSED driver appreciates the help. “My car stalled at George’s Market . . . While I waited (for assistance), the staff was amazing, offering me food, getting me a chair and checking to see if I required anything. Gary arrived and was wonderful, telling me to stay inside and keep warm while he started my vehicle. All these kind people turned a cold and frustrating situation into a warm fuzzy one.”

THUMBS Down to the postal service for not giving the mail delivery people Family Day off. “Everything was closed and there’s the poor mail lady freezing out there again. Everyone, including them, deserves to spend the holiday with their family.”

THUMBS Up to the anonymous donor who picked up the dinner bill for the two Ornge Air Ambulance employees at Boston Pizza Wednesday night. “Your generosity and reference to the exceptional service we provided was very much appreciated.”

THUMBS Up to new local food options at Thunder Bay Airport. “I was heading to Mexico via Pearson Airport and knew that I wouldn’t have time between connections to buy any food. So I purchased the smoked trout poke roll at the new vendor at YQT. It was absolutely delicious and worth every penny. Kudos to a great addition to the services offered locally.”

MOMENTS of misfortune often bring out the best in those around us. “I was recently involved in a serious vehicle collision on Memorial Avenue. Thumbs Up to the witnesses who stayed, the public for not posting pictures all over social media, and the very hard-working police, firemen and EMS for keeping me calm and ensuring I was removed from my vehicle safely. Your hard work, professionalism and compassion truly needs to be commended. I am forever indebted.”

THUMBS Up to Jordan and all the other volunteers who made the second annual Rosslyn Winter Carnival another huge success. “Well done! Looking forward to next year already.”

(From March 2, 2019)


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