In training

Lakehead University Thunderwolves men’s hockey head coach Andrew

Wilkins, left, and Lakehead University High Performance Training Centre

instructor Kody Anton take shots at the popular shooting zone station.

Like the airline pilot who is making good time, but is lost at the same

time, the Lakehead University Thunderwolves hockey season is totally up

in the air.

COVID-19 will do that for you. Control what you can control, prepare as

best you can, and gear up for a Jan. 1, 2021 start-up date that may —

or may not — happen.

“For us, for me, it’s just wait and see. You trust they (Ontario

University Athletics board of directors) will do what’s best for OUA

sport moving forward, for the health and safety of everyone involved,”

said LU head coach Andrew Wilkins in the newly-minted Lakehead

University High Performance Training Centre located in the basement

floor of the C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse. “In the meantime, we do what we

can control, support our athletes as much as possible, providing them

with a place like this for them to train.

“For me, all I can control right now is this room. . . You know the

(board) will put us in the best scenario moving forward for sport and

health and safety.”

The idea for the training centre came from LU athletic director Tom

Warden. There is a skating treadmill, stations for stick-handling and

passing, slide boards for stride improvement, a goalie station and the

backroom shooting zone.

The facility serves the public and the varsity hockey team.

“It’s been a blast working with all the kids,” said training centre

instructor Kody Anton, who also markets, manages, schedules and does

finances for the facility. “It’s pretty much open for anyone who wants

to come in and get better, come out and include some hockey activities

in times like today.”

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