Track manager

Todd Robinson, in the booth at Thunder City Speedway, is getting ready for the 2023 racing season.

THUNDER City Speedway has announced a new track manager. Todd Robinson will lead the team this 2023 race season. He is a lifelong resident of Thunder Bay.

Robinson admits his addiction to the sport of racing.

“I’ve always loved motorsports particularly dirt track racing. I watched my favourite drivers at Riverview from the time I was a kid until it closed,” he said. “When I first heard that a new track was being built I checked the progress practically every week. When Louis and Norm (Nadin) entered the picture I found myself at the track helping on weekends. Last year, I volunteered at the track every week and throughly enjoyed it.”

Robinson, who was the corner man in corner three last season, explained that he is pumped to start a new season in a new role.

“When the opportunity to manage the track was offered to me, I quickly made the jump,” he said. “I know I have big shoes to fill but I’m up for the challenge. I am proud to be part of the Thunder City Speedway team.”

I have a little background on the new manager. He worked in the trucking industry for 30 years — first as a driver, then a manager and finally a heavy truck sales professional. He has a 25-year-old daughter, Bailey, and his wife of 30 years is Tracey.

He is supported by his family and excited to tackle his new position. He says he will continue to make this a sport for families to enjoy.

Don’t read more into this story. There is no bad blood between the Nadin family and Rick Simpson. The family and I would like to thank Rick Simpson for all his hard work. It is a big job to run the track and be track promotor and sales executive. The track duties will be split this year as Chrissy Simpson will be assistant track manager. The loyal track officials and volunteers will be back.

You may ask, what will Rick Simpson be doing? Well he is dedicated to the sport of racing and he will make the transition smooth like butter. He will do whatever it takes to help out. He will also be driving a new Super Stock car, just to make life more exciting.

Simpson’s car is sponsored by Dave Mack of Thunder Bay Truck Centre. The car will be No. 77 as the Thunder Bay Truck Centre dealership was formed in 1977. This will make it the 15th car sponsored by the dealership. This will also mark the 10th annual Thunder Bay Truck Centre Dirt Track Invitational.

“I have to be honest, I would not be involved if it was not for the dedication of the Simpson brothers,” said Mack, referring to Rick and Scott.

It will be another exciting season as Louis and Norm Nadin have more news. They will add 1,000 more seats. They never want to see someone with a ticket not have a seat with a great view. The berm or large hill where the concessions are will be moved back to make more room. There will also be a significant change to track lighting.

Thunder City Speedway won Wissota Track of the Year and they are making improvements. I am a dirt track racing fan. I am extremely excited for the new season. I know race fans are too as they blow up my social media. You are the most dedicated fans in sport.

Rick Simpson had mentioned to me, up in the announce booth while watching racing, that he had the itch to get back into a car. Now Dave Mack is making it happen. Simpson says he is a little nervous. It has been a few years. I told him ask Joel Cryderman, it’s like riding a bike.

(Johan Vass is a Thunder Bay-based writer. Reach her at