Superhero Challenge

Two dozen athletes from Ultimate Gymnastics represented Thunder Bay at the Superhero Challenge provincial qualifier in Brampton on the weekend.

Ultimate Gymnastics competitive gymnastics squad played the role of superheroes this past weekend at the provincial qualifier in Brampton.

Two dozen of the club’s athletes suited up for the Superhero Challenge hosted by All Star Sports Centre, Jan. 16-18. Each athlete made at least one trip to the podium, helping the team to an astounding combined total of 74 medals, with 27 gold, 23 silver and 24 bronze adding weight to suitcases for the trek home to Thunder Bay.

Doing their part in the club’s heroic haul were Tiana Lombardo (Level 8, age 15), Avery Martin (Level 8, age 11/12), Caroline DiFelice (Level 7, age 15), Jordan Mastrangelo (Level 4, age 15) and Maya Suarez (Level 2, age 8) who each took home first-place all around in their respective categories.

Adding to the stalwart effort were Emily Agostino (Level 8, age 14), Sarah McChristie (Level 7, age 15), Sadie DeVente (Level 6, age 14) and Sage Adams-Lower (Level 4, age 14) who grabbed second-place all around finishes in their own groupings, while Jessica Otto (Level 7, age 11/12), Carsyn Todesco (Level 4, age 13), Sophia Frattaroli (Level 4, age 11 ), Ryenn Brisard (Level 3, age 11) and Milly Fiorito (Level 2, age 9/10) welcomed third-place all around finishes in their groups.

Olivia Arena (Level 7, age 16), Tiara Sutton (Level, age 16), Amanda Mastrangelo (Level 7, age 13), Zara Reboks (Level 7, age 13), Mia Caldwell (Level 6, age 13), Poppy Henderson (Level 6, age 12), Sophie Voda (Level 3, age 10), Malia Sutton (Level 3, age 9), Olivia Kontzie (Level 2, age 12) and Anna Radul (Level 2, age 9/10) also helped the cause with each making multiple trips to the podium and playing a big part in the club taking home second-place (Levels 2, 7 and 8) and third-place (Levels 3, 4) honours in the team categories.

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