Stephanie Hergott holds her 10-pound brook trout that she caught in Lake Superior

A 10-pound brook trout that was destined for Stephanie Hergott's dinner plate is now being considered as a trophy for her wall. Hergott landed the monster on Lake Superior last week during a fishing trek with Raymond Mercier, the father of her boyfriend.

"We started about 8 a.m. and weren't getting any bites until for a few hours," said Hergott.

Around 11 a.m. the pair trolled over an area and Mercier noticed the depth finder's reading.

"We came upon a deeper area in the lake and he said to watch closely because there was sure to be a couple of bites here," she said. "As soon as he said that, my rod bent in half."

Hergott says she had a hard time reeling the fish up. Mercier took a net and guided Hergott's rod toward it and then the real work began.

"The fish swallowed the entire spoon that we used (to catch it) and we had a harder time getting the fish in the boat than reeling it up," she says.

The pair used only a spoon to catch the fish and no bait.

Once the fish was on board their boat, they measured and weighted it - and photographed it. Hergott says the fish weighed in at a little over 10 pounds and measured 25 inches long.

That's four pounds short of the world record which is 14 pounds and that is pretty crazy because brook trout are usually two to three pounds," she says. "It's really uncommon that you see them that big."

Hergott, who is an avid hunter and angler says she loves the outdoors and credits her father Greg Hergott, and Mercier with teaching her the tips and tricks to master her hunting and fishing skills.

"If it wasn't for Raymond I probably wouldn't have landed that monster because he knew the area to fish in," she said.

"I look forward to going back to that secret spot to land more trophies."

Meanwhile, Hergott has cleaned the fish and it is now resting comfortably in her freezer as she looks for a taxidermist to advise her on mounting the catch for her wall.

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